It’s been a month since this country was dealt a shocking blow. Over half of America was devastated and another number were celebrating. Within those devastated are a large number who are fearful for their lives, families, livelihood and civil rights. Another segment is afraid we will destroy our planet with detrimental development plans or destroy lives in an ill conceived war.

As a result of their fear students and others have been protesting the election results, marching in the streets and exercising their right to free speech. Whether this will be helpful or healthy is not mine to say.

Unfortunately there are a crop of less than gracious “winners” on the other side. They characterize the protesters as whiners sitting in bars to drown their sorrows. Even worse we have teachers who are telling their immigrant students they will be gone pretty soon.(AP Arizona Public School in Mesa) Facebook has been loaded with insults and ugly remarks on both sides. Social media has become a forum to vent and not always in a productive way.

This is a time for families to gather to celebrate our blessings in the most enjoyed holiday season of the year and many families are afraid they may not even be able to stay together after the inauguration.

Many Americans of non-white ethnicity have been verbally and physically assaulted . A Muslim woman had her hijab torn off on a subway in NYC, a Japanese American woman was called a “Chink” in an airport in a large metropolitan city and told to go home.

These behaviors are unacceptable in a civilized world and especially in a country that espouses equality under the law for all citizens regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual identity. We celebrate diversity. Is this a false persona?

It’s time for the “winners” to show some compassion and understanding of the pain and fear felt by many of their fellow citizens. And it’s time for the “losers” to seek constructive means  to voice their concerns and take action to insure the safety and protect the vulnerable among us who are being threatened. Real action must be taken to insure that illegal acts are not permitted such as a return to tortures that violate the Geneva conventions and discriminating against individuals who are protected by our constitution.

As we are inundated with information about the president-elect’s appointments with no ability to control them, anxiety has increased for those opposed to the issues supported by the appointees.  I have decided to refrain from reading the speculative articles in favor of my personal peace and mental health. That doesn’t mean Im giving up. On the contrary, I am determined to be more vigilant than ever and form close relationships with legislators who support my point of view.

My views were succinctly portrayed in an article in the Albuquerque Journal on November 28th in which Anne Miller clearly states:abq-journal-1128, (Click to read the entire article) We are a people of compassion and integrity. We accept our moral obligation to fight like hell for those who have not been as fortunate or privileged as we are.

Please be comforted and encouraged by my words or put on notice that we will be a formidable adversary over the next four years.