IMG_2228We’ve had over 100 years of war in this country. One Hundred years…think of that. Very few people have lived that long but i wonder what they would think and say about what they’ve seen, the changes they’ve experience, the losses they or people they’ve known have suffered. Mothers and fathers lost children, women have lost husbands children have lost parents and brothers and sisters have lost their best friend. We’ve spent unfathomable amounts of money in addition to the lives sacrificed that could have been used in so many other humanitarian ways. What do we have to show for it, has it been worth it, are things any better?

Veterans come back with physical and emotional scars that may never heal resulting in lives that are cut short and maimed beyond repair resulting in addictions to ease the pain. Families suffer less visible scars that have the power to do as much psychological harm as the veterans wounds. Do we recognize these needs, do we do all we can to help, to heal? Or are we too preoccupied with our own wants and needs?

Does our government really represent the people of this country. the voters, or are they also preoccupied with their own wants and needs? Is democracy working for you, does it really exist anymore? What do you hope for for yourself, your family and friends, this country or have you gotten beyond yourself yet?

Do you look around at how the rest of the world lives? are you really grateful for your life here? Do you think about what more you can do to make it better for EVERYONE? Have you really tried to put yourself in the shoes of a mother or father in El Salvador where the gangs outnumber the police three to one and they run the country? Would you feel safe allowing your children to go to school or the park or a movie? These gangs originated in Los Angeles and were deported in the early 80’s by our government without a thought for the people on the receiving end.

Human conflict is created when one person feels threatened by another either through violence or fear, fear of abuse, hunger or oppression.What can we do to stop this behavior? How do we create a peaceful world? When can our troops really come home for good and live the American Dream?