The sun is glinting through the bright green spring leaves of the trees and the path is dappled with light and dark as Rachel walks briskly as is her usual morning habit, deep in thought. Suddenly her reverie is broken by the abrupt appearance of something peeping out from under the branches…why are people such slobs she thinks as she stoops to pick it up. She’ll deposit it in the trash receptacle at the end of the path.

She looks down and realizes its an addressed and stamped letter, never mailed, no post mark, no return address. It’s addressed to someone in the village but the postage is outdated, it would never get there if she dropped it in a mailbox. One more thing, she thinks, I’ll have to decide what to do with it before I catch my train this afternoon. ¬†Turning it over Rachel sees how pristine the envelope is, someone must have just dropped it, it couldn’t have been lying on the path very long or it would have gotten dirty, rained on or at least walked on…strange, the postage os outdated, the writer must have been carrying it around for some time debating whether or not to mail it. Should she mail it? Is it her choice to make? What events might her action put into play?

After madly packing for her trip to visit her mom in the nursing home, Rachel heads for the train station. Eager to get on her way, it’s been a couple of weeks, work had been so busy, couldn’t get away and now she could finally spend a day with mom…As she moves toward the line to check in Rachel notices a mailbox, she thinks of the letter, is this an omen, is she suppose to mail it? Hmmm, let’s see if I have a stamp, that will be the decision maker, she thinks. Yes! there is one in the bottom of her wallet. As she carefully places the additional postage on the corner of the envelope before dropping it in the box, her face wrinkles in a frown but then a smile crosses her lips as the letter slowly drops down the chute.