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EnonEnon is a story that the Reader lives as if inside the protagonist’s head. Virtually the entire book is written from the perspective of the thoughts and sensory experiences of Charlie Crosby at the time of the untimely and unexpected death of his 13 year old daughter Kate. It takes us through the dark spiral that follows when his wife leaves to go visit and ultimately stay with her parents, leaving Charlie with a broken hand he received when he punched a wall in his rage and grief. We follow his journey into addiction to pain killers, then alcohol and finally into the life of an addict. We experience his anxiety when the pills run out, his need driving him to break into neighbors homes to steal prescription drugs, and finally neglecting his personal hygiene and wallowing around out doors in the fields, woods and the cemetery until finally brought to accountability by a curmudgeonly old woman he has known most of his life when he goes into her house to steal an artifact he had told Kate about that she had been enchanted with. This is a genuine, no holds barred book of the experiences of a grieving parent who has lost his only child and love of his life and the long road back to some semblance of sanity.