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I recently read the perfect book for the Lenten season, The City of God. It’s a warm, human and uplifting encounter with the author and her neighborhood in San Francisco over a forty eight hour or so period preceding and including  Ash Wednesday. If you’re looking for a walk on the other side to deepen your understanding of the world we live in and our calling as our brother’s keeper this is a book you’ll enjoy.

Here is a very insightful and experiential account of a personal encounter with humanity on a gut level. the author shares her experience of her faith and her encounter with the reality of poverty and mental health as she shares the visceral reactions she and others have to people far removed from the mainstream in San Francisco. She shares her day to day life as she goes about the business of ministering to her “flock” and her interactions with her partner at home and the other professionals she becomes involved with in caring for her neighbors’ and parishioners’ needs. It is  beautifully written and inspiring to the reader who may feel called to become more involved with the needy in our world. This book is like a snapshot in time or a painting with many layers and a multitude of colors expressing humanity in all it’s gritty glory.