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The challenge this week has been to lighten my load, dump the junk, clean house…literally and figuratively.  I’ve accumulated  a lot of junk in the past 50 years and now I’ve crossed the threshold of hoarding abstinence.

As I sit here in front of the expanse of pseudo wood that is my desk top I feel refreshed, addicted to tidiness almost compulsive about jumping up to go clean out the storage cabinet in the laundry room, or tackle the east garage bay stuffed to the rafters with Stuff, well maybe not that com pulsed…I’d really like to sit here in front of the clean desk and write.

It’s amazing how suffocating all the Stuff can be and yet how unwilling I am to unload it, dump it, trash it.  I’m obsessed with finding a good home for it, not here but elsewhere.  The challenge is WHERE.  I call my “buddies” at the various donation sites and find out when the next neighborhood pickup will be and start accumulating boxes and bags for the great day.  Occasionally I find myself passing a furtive eye over the boxes, do I need to look, make sure there’s nothing I need in there?  NO, be strong, turn away, go in another room, get busy with something else.  You haven’t needed that stuff for as long as you can remember, let it go!

Whew! I made it, the truck has arrive and I look wistfully yet relieved as it pulls away from the curb.  I made it, it’s gone!!