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Practice and Passion

Doing something for the sheer joy of it is the key to a successful life.  Yes, just like momma told you, you can be anything you want to be with hard work and perseverance,   but you can do what you love effortlessly!  The sages also tell us to “do what you love and the money will follow”.  That one I’m not so sure about but if money is your passion then it stands to reason that finding that resource should be as effortless as doing anything else.

I’ve tried dozens of different ways to get more exercise, running, yoga, jazzercise, swimming, various formats at the gym, weights, aerobic classes but it was always a struggle to get myself there or start the workout until my bike was stolen a few months back.  A friend invited me to ride with him and brought a bike for me.  It was nice, relaxing and energizing.  A few weeks later they were having the bike swap in town and I decided to go, just to check it out.  I was sorely disappointed, it was mostly mountain bikes and most were too small anyway so I wandered through a few bike shops on my way home.  I hadn’t shopped for a bike in at least 15 years.  There were a lot of choices and I had to go home to mull it over.  The following week I had narrowed it down to commuter bikes and 3-7 speed gearing.  I knew I just wanted to ride around town, do errands ride to church, and possible to work if I get a job nearby.   I was bike shopping with economy and ecology in mind not for sport or even exercise.

I finally decided on a nice belt driven three speed GT commuter bike and bought it on Saturday afternoon.  I couldn’t wait to ride it to church Sunday morning!  It was great, the cool morning air, the quiet of the empty streets and no one interrupting my thoughts with directions or music.  I was falling in love again.  Since then I have ridden to a job, to the store frequently and of course, to church each week.  I ride my bike to coffee with friends and I wake up thinking of where I can ride each day.  When you find something you love it’s no longer a chore.  When I rode to the weight watchers class I suddenly realized riding is my preferred way to exercise.  It’s something I can’t wait to do, not a chore.

I’ve been fortunate that most of my career has been something I loved doing and that felt worthwhile.  I rarely woke up and dreaded going to work and now I’m rediscovering my passion for teaching and writing.  Along with my love of travel, I can do it anywhere and anytime for the rest of my life. So, find your passion and do what you love, the rest will fall into place.