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Hopefully the link I just inserted is going to do something when hit “publish”!  Today I made another step toward my commitment to being a writer, I told my coffee group that I’m a writer and ordered business cards that list writer as what I do.  I’m also sitting here writing after a long, full and productive day including allowing an hour for a  mind clearing, soul lifting bike ride. Even though I’m tired and would love a nap, I put a pot of soup on the stove and sat down to write.

It’s been a challenging six years since I moved into this house with my mom, son and grandson.  It’s like trying to swim in Jello, not being able to grab onto anything or hang on and just hoping to keep my nose in the air so I can breathe.  Finding time to write is challenging on many days.  I know in my head that this will not go on forever but somedays it’s hard to believe and it’s disheartening.  Watching my mom suffer with mental confusion, not knowing why she’s here or what she should be doing or even worse, if she’s doing the right thing causes me to ask why, what purpose does this serve. This is just one of many instances of personal suffering I’ve encountered and questioned  recently.  Most suffering it seems stems from lusting over what we don’t have instead of focusing on what we’ve been given.  No matter how little it seems to be there is always someone who has less and a perspective of gratitude can take me a long way toward peace and contentment.  And so I am grateful for this time to put words on the screen and stretch my writers muscles!