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Yesterday was the Feast of Pentecost, fifty days from the first fruits of the Barley harvest waved before the Lord and the day the Lord visit His people for the first time after their exodus from slavery in Egypt, the day that Moses brought the tablets of the Law down from Mt. Sinai, this incredible visitation is the birthday of the nation Israel according to Rabbinic scholars.  That’s just the beginning of our history.

After the ministry, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus the Apostles and other disciples were bereft, lost and feeling alone and in fulfillment of His promise Jesus sent the Spirit to assure, motivate and loosen the tongues of everyone to spread the word of the risen Lord.

Breath and tongues are the key to the Spirit,  the Spirit came as a mighty wind, the breath of God and loosened the tongues of all those gathered to celebrate the Jewish Pentecost and opened their ears to hear each other in their own language!  How often do I take breath for granted, speak without thinking or listening?  How often is the Spirit overlooked as the third person of the Trinity?  The role of the Spirit is powerful and significant, for salvation I must have “the Spirit within” me.

With the churches packed at Easter time, i saw many vacant seats yesterday morning and didn’t have to arrive a half hour or more early in order to be assured a place to sit and yet, this feast day is the launching of our faith!  How would it have all turned out if the Spirit hadn’t come and the Apostles had stayed locked up in their fear and no one had gone out to spread the word.  Would I know about all the wondrous teaching of Jesus, would I have the hopeful spirit within me that moves me forward each day?  What is the Spirit calling me to say or do today?

Breath and words are the essence of our faith and life. God breathed life into Adam and “spoke” creation into existence. He sent his son Jesus to speak the words of salvation to us and give us a living blueprint for how we must live to achieve everlasting life and in turn He sent the Spirit to remain, with us and in us, to guide us and lead us to wisdom in all we say and do.  So I will celebrate the Feast of Pentecost and the Spirit within and listen to the words I hear in my heart.  I will turn to the Spirit of wisdom and guidance whenever I am fearful or feel alone and I will share this peace filled and loving blessing with all.   Believe me it works!