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Last week while I was attending a operating systems support class we took a side track to where technology is going today and the instructor mentioned that soon everyone would be “jonesing” for the latest in refrigerators that can assess what’s in it and make a shopping list for what’s missing.  He went on to opine that we have to keep up with our neighbors whether we need a new fridge or not. When i protested that I wouldn’t be interested  in such a device he just shook his head like I was out of touch and maybe I am…

In this election year I’m seeing success and electability equated with money and material stuff.  One candidate accusing another of underhanded practices in the business and banking world to amass a fortune and the other saying he’s being disparaged for being successful.  The public is beginning to realize that the banking industry is at the root of the current financial mess we’re in and those who have really researched it are realizing that it is all part of a plan to control this country and government as evidenced by the recent action to get corporations declared “persons” by the courts for the purpose of contributions to political campaign funds in order to control the votes in congress.  No longer will the individual vote carry the weight it used to unless we can take back our candidates by reform of the campaign expenditures allowed by each one.

Our influence can go beyond just voting when we vote with our dollars.  Information is available today about which companies fund candidates that support wasting our planet and which support responsible stewardship of our world and each other.  For example, your choice of cell phone providers can be based on which company is for the public good in their political contributions and which is for actions that will widen the income gap and waste our world.  Your choice of foods, products and to purchase or not sends a message to companies and influences their behavior and actions.  Our consumption is what’s killing us and it’s a hoax being perpetrated on us by advertising, business and banking, it’s capitalism that’s ruining democracy for the benefit of big banking whose goal is to control all of us through the burden of debt to the point that we have no choice but to continue to labor to support the wealthy and their greed.  It is barely possible today for a family to survive on one income and children pay the price for our created need for “stuff” and rampant consumerism.  This same brainwashing is responsible for our obesity and health problems.  Look back a couple of generations and you’ll find a slimmer society with less cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

I watched a film last night on Netflix titled Ethos, narrated by Woody Harrelson, giving an historical accounting of the banking industry in this country and the war machine that is being supported to feed their treasury, how we have gone from Viet Nam to a perpetual was cycle to keep the business enterprises  of Grumman, Lockheed Martin and others amassing wealth for a few.  The film also warned that the fear generated by these organizations is designed to perpetrate a society of mindless, national identity card-carrying slaves.  These cards will contain a chip with all our personal information on it that can be controlled and shutoff at the will of the banks, enabling them to paralyze individuals.

There is a webpage describing actions being taken and a summary of the film at www.ethosthemovie.com.  I strongly urge you to watch the film, check out the link and decide for yourself whether it makes sense or not and how you want to live your life.  One of the tenets of a democracy is freedom of thought, speech and representative government and we are about to lose our democracy if we don’t reclaim our lives and our country.