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Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani  is an interesting account of a young woman’s near death experience and it’s significance to the rest of her life.  It’s a short little book but hardly a “quick read” with some profound insights into the impact of our thinking on our life and health.  Ms. Moorjani reveals much about her early life experiences and development of her thinking process from childhood as a prelude to her account of her life changing experience with cancer, dying and returning to living. One of her earliest memories was overhearing an adult conversation expressing the disappointment in having a female child. During her early years as a child in Hong Kong she was the object of rejection and bullying in the private schools she attended because of her Indian looks and Hindu religion and suffered feelings of rejection and fear. She developed a strong character and determination to be as perfect as possible in order to please as many people as she could and excelled in her studies and aspired to go to college.  She resisted her cultural path to become a skilled housewife in an arranged marriage and was rejected by her community in spite of the support of her family.  She finally met the man of her dreams who embraced her independence and was part of the Indian community in Hong Kong.  After a brief period of peace and comfort her best friend and brother-in-law were diagnosed and after lengthy and agonizing chemotherapy, succumbed to cancer.  Her fears returned with a vengeance and culminated in her own diagnosis of lymphoma.  The next four years were a living hell of fear and anxiety with the exception of a brief respite in India at an Ayurveda  retreat.  When she returned home she was greatly improved but the benefit was short lived when she encountered the negativity of her friends and family and within a few months  she was rushed to the hospital unable to breathe or even lift her own head and soon lapsed into a coma.  While unconscious she had her life changing experience which ultimately resulted in her decision to return to her physical form for a total healing of her disease and a completely new perspective on her life and left in the universe as a whole.  This book must be read with an open mind and heart in order to receive the message and benefit the author intends for the reader to hear.  This is a book capable of changing the reader’s life, and the author’s epiphany, if embraced by the reader, could result in a more peaceful and healthier existence for all.