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The last four days have been amazing bringing clarity to life’s values. After hearing from people who don’t want children or feel the world is too overloaded already and resent the crowding in cities and having to share recreational facilities and national parks, it was a delight to be present for the arrival of a beautiful new soul on Sunday morning at the crack of dawn.  This experience restores my faith in humanity and the grand plan for life in this world where each individual is a gift and a potential blessing to the community. Every child who comes into the world has the power to change the world.    We will never know who will be the one to discover cures for diseases or solutions for climate problems or the pathway to peace between peoples of the earth. Those of us here have the obligation to love, nurture, support and ensure the best possible life for each innocent life as he or she arrives.  And in failing in that we create the burden of heartache, pain, emotional and physical illnesses that weighs like an albatross around the necks of all of us. I am realizing how much there is to do and how much each of us who are able, is required to contribute to that potential in every life that comes into the world and those who are already among us. I am humbled and energized by the challenge and eager to find ways to participate in the community we are all a part of……